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Joss Pool Cues

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Joss billiard cues are known for their meticulous craftsmanship. Established in 1968 by esteemed cuemaker Dan Janes, Joss sticks have risen to be a top pick among billiards aficionados. The Janes lineage upholds the age-old aesthetics and values of classic cue creation, while simultaneously offering cues that boast exceptional playability.

Each stick is handcrafted in the USA, merging premium materials with a perfect fusion of functionality and elegance. Beyond their top-notch components and aesthetic appeal, Joss sticks offer incredible performance, with customization options to cater to every billiard player's preferences. Their unique 5/16 x 14 piloted joints pave the way for effortless upgrades, making them a favorite for Carbon Fiber Billiard Cue Shaft integrations. 

Joss's reputation stems from a family-driven passion, resulting in a brand that deeply values its products and patrons. Some of their loyalists are renowned figures in the world of billiards, including legends like Minnesota Fats, Mike Sigel, Nick Varner, Luther Lassiter, Jimmy Moore, and Jim Rempe. Notably, Joss cues gained cinematic fame in the movie "The Color of Money," where the Model N7 made an appearance as Vincent’s (portrayed by Tom Cruise) choice of cue, albeit under a different name in the plot.

Discover the Joss Billiard Cues range today and feel the unique touch it brings to the table! We are thrilled to offer an extensive range of Joss models.

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