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Primo Ager

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Introducing the Primo Ager Collection: The Ultimate Dry Ager Fridge for Home Enthusiasts.

Experience the pinnacle of dry aging at home with Primo Ager, the industry's leading meat dry ager. This steak dry ager is meticulously engineered, boasting features such as a high-precision temperature regulator, smart integrated humidity control, and a UV-C sterilization air filter.

Beyond just meat, the Primo Ager also excels as a cheese and wine aging sanctuary. Its presets, accessible via a sleek LED touch panel or a user-friendly app, ensure optimal conditions for each category. Want to age a ribeye to perfection? The cloud-enabled Primo Ager tracks your meat's progress and notifies you when it's prime and ready. Plus, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, you can set timers and check updates hands-free. Dive into the world of premium dry aging with the Primo Ager collection.

Elevate your culinary adventures with a device that's more than just a dry ager fridge—it's a revolution. Always know when your steak is in its prime. Explore the Primo Ager today.

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