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Founded in 1949 as part of the renowned Hornady® Manufacturing Company, SnapSafe stands as a testament to American craftsmanship in Grand Island, Nebr. As a family-owned business, Hornady® has always been dedicated to the production of top-tier products made in the USA. SnapSafe modular safes embody this dedication, offering the robustness and security of traditional welded safes. With a remarkable 2300° fire rating, SnapSafe ensures that your jewelry, currency, firearms, and essential documents remain shielded from both fire and unauthorized access. From the reliable SnapSafe lock box and the sturdy SnapSafe Vault Door to the space-efficient SnapSafe under bed safe and the comprehensive SnapSafe gun safe, the brand guarantees unparalleled protection for all your valuables. Trust SnapSafe for unwavering safety and quality.

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