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Elite Innovations G7 The Mode – Glass Pool Table


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Elite Innovations Production Times

Estimated Production Times

Please contact us at for questions or a quote.

Pool Tables

Build Time

Elite Innovations G1 The Virtuoso 20 weeks
Elite Innovations G4 The Phoenix 16 weeks
Elite Innovations G7 The Mode 16 weeks


Pool Table Options

Additional Build Time

Gold Finish on Pool Table + 6 weeks
Chrome Finish on Pool Table + 4 weeks
Full RGB Remote Controlled LED Lightning + 3 weeks
High Gloss "Grand Piano" 2-Pack finish with clear coat (upgrade for G4 and G7) + 2 weeks


Elite Innovations Donation Program

At Elite Innovations we have big plans for the future, but underlying these plans is a passion to also make a positive difference in the world. To make sure we leave this Earth a little better than how we found it.

With this in mind, we have partnered with two wonderful organisations who have and continue to make a big difference in the global community: Cancer Council SA and Save the Children Australia.

For each sale of a pool table we will be donating the following:

G1 The Virtuoso = AUD$1,000

G4 The Phoenix = AUD$800

G7 The Mode = AUD$600

Customers have the choice to donate the whole amount to one organisation or split the donation evenly between the two. Together, we can make a difference.

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Elite Innovations

Elite Innovations G7 The Mode – Glass Pool Table

From $31,999.00


  • 8′ x 4′
  • 7′ x 3.5′
  • Custom Size (Contact Support)

Table Finish

  • Powder Coat Finish (Standard)
  • Gold Finish (Contact Support for Quote)
  • Chrome Finish ( +$12 299)
  • High Gloss "Grand Piano" 2-Pack finish w/ Clear Coat (+$7 999)

Experience next-level pool table design with our artfully crafted tables. Each features glass panels artfully supported by metal elements, forming a multi-dimensional work of art. The table is framed with a clever fabric-lined panel to collect pocketed balls.

Our fully exposed pockets let you see pocketed balls clearly, and the glass top edges are polished to a pristine, clear finish. Our innovative 'floating rail' design creates a visual space between the edges of the rails and the glass, ideal for ultra-modern interiors with minimalist aesthetics.

Like our other tables, this design features a 0.6-inch thick glass top with our exclusive transparent Vitrik playing surface, a revolutionary alternative to the traditional felt or cloth stretched over slate.

This Vitrik surface allows for smooth, quiet ball rolling while providing spin and English capabilities. It also offers complete impact protection for the glass layer below. Visit our video page for a demonstration that must be seen to be believed—it's a truly unparalleled experience.

The glass bed under the playing surface is made of thick, monolithic float glass. This rigid, flat, and consistent material is naturally leveled by gravity, making it an ideal foundation for a pool table. Unlike slate, it requires no machining and resists sagging or moisture absorption.

Vitrik maintains consistent rolling characteristics over its lifespan, avoiding the variable performance found with traditional cloth surfaces, which are susceptible to wear, damage, and chalk build-up.

Each table comes with a custom ball set, specifically engineered for optimal performance on our Vitrik surface. Should your Vitrik surface require repair due to wear or damage, it can be conveniently re-covered on site.

The experience of playing on one of our pool tables is nothing short of spectacular.

Available in sizes 8' x 4' and 7' x 3.5', as well as custom sizes (additional fees apply).


Accessory Pack: 2 x Alytex cues, 1 x Alytex Bridge Stick, Delta-13 "Select" Aluminium Triangle, and Elite Innovations Custom Matte Finish Ball set

Warranty: 10 Year Workmanship Warranty on all products. 1 Year warranty on Surface - does not cover wear and tear.

Additional customisation available

Any custom size can be created (additional fees apply)

Finishes on Pool Table: 'Grand Piano' Finish (Standard), Gold Finish or Chrome Finish. You also have the option to choose between chrome finishing and gold plating for different sections of your table. However, please note that due to the specialized electroplating processes for each material, we can't mix chrome and gold on the same component. For example, a single leg cannot be half chrome and half gold as the processes for each material are incompatible and may cause damage. But if for example you'd like the frame in chrome and the table top in gold, that's absolutely something we can accommodate. Please contact us at for questions or a quote.

Pool Table Accessories

G-Series Free Standing Glass Cue rack

G-Series Wall Mounted Cue Rack

Set of 2.25" Balls, coloured/numbered with matte finish

Delta-13 "Select" Aluminium Triangle (Silver/Grey)*

Delta-13 "Elite" Aluminium Triangle (Pitch Black with Silver Highlights)

Elite Innovations' Transparent Plexiglass Triangle

Cue (Silver) - Professional Fibreglass with wood core*

Cloth Pool Table Cover - Warwick Global Suede (colour matched to bumpers)


Please contact us at for questions or a quote.

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